This property is exquisitely done and outfitted with many amenities. It is located in the most prestigious location on North Caicos, this being Pumpkin Bluff. With a beach and property that dreams are made of, private, pristine, tranquil and all yours. There are only 3 houses on Miles of uninhabited beach with Three Mary’s Cay. The islands best snorkel spot, within site of the house. The beach is Powder white soft sand, that extends out into the crystal clear turquoise water. It is protected by the world’s 3rd largest Barrier reef, making it ideal for small children to safely get acclimated to the ocean with its rolling waves. As will most likely be the case, you will be the first, last and only person on miles of beach. Making it a perfect place to Beach comb hand in hand with your family, as you hunt for treasure or see the beauty of the untouched environment. From a Flock of Flamingos over head to stingrays, Dolphins, and even Whales in the water, not to mention a free treasure that washes up on shore. Grace on the Bay is adorned with intense beauty. Leaving you feeling at peace and in harmony with your surroundings and everyone with you . The environment is a perfect place to regain perspective in life and reconnect with the ones you love most. Fostering the ability to make the most valuable things in life, beautiful memories together. These memories made, are what we hold onto, as we come to the end of our days. A touch of Grace at the Bay, will offer you an unforgettable experience and opportunity to make a dream a reality. It is honestly, the last of the unspoiled and underdeveloped, yet civilized Caribbean. It should comfort you to know, that Turks and Caicos has an EMS system with a functioning governmental infrastructure. Crime is non-existent on the Island and the Villa although being secluded is fully connected via internet and cellular phone. Experience Grace at the Bay whenever you wish! Come as you are, expect to leave improved.


What makes this Villa unique

Most activity on North Caicos revolves around the beach – and the villa is located on the best and most peaceful beach of the Island. Three Mary’s, an excellent spot recommended for snorkeling is visible from the Villa. Pumpkin Bluff is the most Prestigious Address on North Caicos. The Villa is spacious allowing for a large number of guests to all be under the same roof. Grace on the Bay has numerous amenities for guests to enjoy. The intense beauty of Grace on the Bay will leave an imprint on your mind.